DragonFoiler 95 Trimaran - Perth Mini 40 Man

So I have bought a Dragonflite 95, but I have also got one of Paul Goddard's superb conversion kits to turn it into a trimaran. Really nice floats, foils, rudder and a nice tubular cross beam kit. Very impressed with the quality.

I put it together with the foils in the position as recommended by Paul and had it foiling within 15 seconds of it hitting the water. The standard rig is fine but it needs side stays, and Paul's floats come with deck eyes for this addition.

A slightly larger rig gives more fun in light conditions and mine in this video is made from an old C rig for a Box trimaran, with the mainsail foot cut down to fit it on the Dragonflite boom. 75microns mainsail so a bit too heavy. I'll make something more appropriate later.

Really fun afternoon.