About RC Foil Sailing

Building on from 45 years of sailing a multitude of yachts from racing dinghies to keel boats I started sailing radio yachts in 2002 initially buying a Seawind plastic kit but soon progressing to the 1.0m and Marblehead class winning 3 National titles. I still enjoy sailing my Marblehead 15 years later.

In 2013 I became fascinated with the YouTube videos of Ian Holt in Perth sailing his foiling radio control Mini 40 trimaran this led to me purchasing a Fire Dragon kit and learning how to sail these high-performance boats. The Fire Dragon did not foil so as soon as Ian Holt and Dave Burke put their BOX design foiling trimaran into production, I purchased one and I was immediately hooked on foiling radio yachts. This led to me becoming infatuated with foiling and subsequently purchasing 2 more of Ian Holt design Mini 40s from Dave Burke.

With the outbreak of Covid in December 2019 New Zealand went into its first 6 week lockdown in March of 2020 at that time I was living in Mangawhai and was fortunate enough to have a large lake in my back garden. I lookedat my DF 95 and thought I wonder if I can get this thing to foil so I built a detachable kit and it worked! This was followed by several more prototypes.

I am really pleased that in late 2023 I can now share foiling the foiling experience with you all this is an easy to sail easy to transport, sensible price kit that young and old can enjoy.

Have fun, Paul Goddard.